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Alpha Baking Company Video

Testimonial from a school district that uses autogas buses to reduce its emissions.

Alpha Baking Company Video, Product Code: 6628-VI-17

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For the past decade, this company has been testing alternative fuels in its fleet. Propane autogas has helped the company reduce its emissions by 50 percent since switching from diesel vans. Alpha Baking's propane provider has been a strong support during the switch to propane autogas and installed the company's refueling station. The tanks are then are automatically refilled by the provider when they reach 30 percent capacity. The drivers also report the propane-autogas-powered vehicles deliver a smoother, quieter ride overall. Alpha Baking is proud to be supporting the domestic economy and job growth by using propane autogas, an American-made fuel.

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Videos can be used by propane marketers, equipment dealers, and state executives.

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This video can be used for educational and training purposes.