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GHG and Criteria Pollutant Emissions Report

This study includes a comparative emissions analysis of targeted applications in key propane markets, including buildings, agriculture, and transportation market segments. This study leverages ongoing activities and tools developed under GTI’s Carbon Management Information Center (CMIC) consortium, especially the Source Energy and Emissions Analysis Tool (SEEAT).

GHG and Criteria Pollutant Emissions Report, Product Code: 9509-RE-18

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Direct use of propane in buildings, transportation, and agriculture applications is a proven, cost-effective, and reliable approach to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and other emissions. Propane production and delivery is more efficient than electricity provided by the power grid, which is still dominated by fossil fuel power generation and includes large energy losses at the power plant and transmission lines. In the future, the direct use of propane will remain a sustainable strategy for reducing greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions.

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Propane Marketers. Regulatory, Engineers, Manufacturers

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This product is a comparison of criteria and greenhouse gas emissions for various appliances and engines.