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CSST Consumer Information

The corrugated stainless steel tubing safety brochure alerts customers to the potential dangers presented by improperly installed CSST.

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CSST Consumer Information Brochure, Product Code: PRC-006505
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CSST Consumer Information Brochure. This full-color, 3.75" x 9", corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) safety brochure is now available. CSST is flexible piping used to supply gas to homes and businesses. It can be damaged by a nearby lightning strike, allowing gas to leak out and potentially cause a fire or explosion. The brochure advises customers to contact a licensed electrician to make sure their system is properly bonded and grounded.

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Product Information

Product Code: 
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Created By: S&T Working Group
Full-color, 3.75" x 9"
Weight Per Unit: 
0.15 lbs.
Who is this for: 
Propane industry
What is this for: 
Consumer safety

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