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It's our responsibility to bring you the latest research about specific propane markets. Visit to find resources that contain valuable market insights you can use to grow gallons with customers.

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    Lifecycle GHG Emissions from Propane Final Report

    20695 Jacobs Lifecycle GHG Emissions from Propane Final Report GHG

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    GHG and Criteria Pollutant Emissions Report

    PERC Docket 20890 - Propane Greenhouse Gas and Criteria Pollutant Emissions Comparative Analysis/GTI Final Report

  • Regional Bus Fact Sheets

    These fact sheets explain how propane autogas buses are making an impact for schools across the country.

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    Mythbusters Series Overview

    This piece gives an overview of the mythbuster video series. 

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    Alpha Baking Company Video

    Testimonial from a school district that uses autogas buses to reduce its emissions. 

  • Home Innovation Research Materials

    These pieces highlight key findings in propane sales for home innovation equipment. 

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    Pull the Plug Photo Contest Social Post

    Use this to promote the Oldest Water Heater Photo Contest on social media. 

  • Sodfather: Fueling More Uptime Video

    Testimonial from Sodfather Inc. about propane Equipment as a margin shrinking solution.

  • Fixed Liquid Level Research

    A report & fact sheet on the testing and evaluation of low emission fixed maximum liquid level gauges.

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