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    Harvesting Gallons in Agriculture

    As a propane marketer, you have a tremendous opportunity to grow your gallons by helping farmers and others in the agriculture industry cut energy costs, increase efficiency, and meet their carbon emissions goals by switching from diesel fuel and gasoline to propane. The Council’s GallonGrowers Agriculture Toolkit provides tools you can use to help farmers in your area learn about the advantages of using propane.

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    Financial Incentives to Make the Switch to Propane Even Easier

    The Council’s Propane Farm Incentive Program provides farmers with an attractive motivator to use new propane-powered equipment and increase their cost savings even further. And switching from diesel to propane can help farmers avoid the hassle and cost associated with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) impending Tier 4 regulations for diesel-fueled equipment.

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    More Net Income Per Acre with Propane

    Show prospective customers this example of fuel cost savings with propane. Swindle Farms in Arkansas reduced its fuel costs by 68 percent per hour by replacing its diesel-fueled irrigation engines with efficient propane engines to irrigate its 8,000 acres of corn, milo, wheat, rice, and soybeans. The engines were purchased with financial assistance from the Council’s Propane Farm Incentive Program.

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    Straight Talk: These Farmers Rely on Propane

    California farmers rely on propane. It beats electric, diesel, and natural gas on emissions, and it works just as well watering almond trees as it does corn, carrots, and other crops. Plus, propane does all this economically, with lower maintenance requirements, too. Watch this video to hear what these producers say about the benefits of switching to propane.

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