Quick-Connect Nozzle Incentive Program

Refueling propane autogas vehicles is now easier than ever. Filling up a vehicle with new, quick connect nozzle technology is a very similar experience to refueling with gasoline and diesel - reducing the learning curve for fleets when transitioning to propane autogas. The nozzles:

  • May be operated with one hand.
  • Do not require the user to wear protective eyewear or gloves.
  • Are unable to be cross-threaded.
  • Release fewer emissions per connection.

The quick connect nozzle rebate program from the Propane Education & Research Council provides $100 per tank-side connector and $1000 per hose-end connector.

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Begin the application process by completing and submitting the form below. Just for applying, all applicants will receive free propane autogas vehicle decals. For questions, email us at autogasincentive@propane.com or call 202-452-8975.