Partnership with States Program

In 2015, the Council distributed over $1.8M in Partnership with States funds to 46 states.

State-Level Funding Drives Propane Demand

The Partnership with States program supports the state foundations and councils by providing matching funds to specific state rebate funded safety, training, and market development activities. This program is aligned with PERC priorities in an effort to maximize the introduction of new products and resources to end-users and collaborate with states at the local level. Partnership funded activities target residential consumers, homebuilders, farmers, landscape professionals, fleet managers and fire service personnel.

For 2016, states can choose from eight activities in the Partnership with States program: technology demonstrations, on-road vehicle incentives, demonstration vehicle data collection, commercial mower incentives, construction professional training, propane emergencies training, consumer safety messaging, and safe appliance installation rebates.

Partnership with States funds will match, dollar-for-dollar, state rebate funds. Funds are dispersed among states based on the most recent API Sales Survey, which is also used to allocate state rebate funds. Requests for state assessment rebates and Partnership with States funds must be submitted by the state PERC or foundation via the Council's Grants and Rebates Management System.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Kristen Rice, projects manager, at 202-452-8975.