A training manual and instructor tools covering the safe installation of appliances and interior vapor distribution systems.

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CETP 4.3 - Book, Product Code: PRC-009403
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CETP 4.3 - Instructor Tools, Product Code: 9059-IT-14

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This manual is designed to train installation and service personnel on the interior of a piping system as well as the installation of gas appliances. The course addresses selecting and installing appliances, how to design and install interior venting systems, and designing and installing interior piping and tubing. The course is updated to NFPA 54, 2015 edition and NFPA 58, 2014 edition.

The topics covered are:

  • - Design and installation considerations for gas appliances.
  • - Design and installation of natural, direct, and mechanical draft venting systems.
  • - Design of interior vapor distribution systems. 
  • - System pressure and load and other piping considerations.
  • - Installing and converting gas appliances.


- PRC-009403, Printed textbook. Sold 1/pk.
- 9059-IT-14, Instructor Tools includes a PowerPoint presentation, instructor guide and digital book file. Free download.

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