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Community Bulk Plant Consumer Information

Available as a printed brochure and a PDF download, you can use this brochure to help explain the safety and need for bulk propane plants.

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Community Bulk Plant Brochure, Product Code: PRC-006500
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Community Bulk Plant Brochure - Downloadable, Product Code: 6500

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For years, propane marketers have faced questions from homeowners and local government officials about the safety of propane bulk storage facilities either planned for or already existing in their neighborhood. This brochure "Propane in Your Community", was developed to help explain the safety and the necessity of propane bulk plants to homeowners, business owners, civic groups, and local government officials.


- PRC-006500, Printed Brochure. 8" X 10". 25/pk.

- 006500, Downloadable Brochure. Free Download.


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Consumers, civic groups, and local government officials
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Use this to help explain the safety and the necessity of propane bulk plants.

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