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GallonGrowers - Landscape

A comprehensive kit to help marketers grow business with commercial landscape contractors and grounds managers.

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About this product

The GallonGrowers Professional Landscape Toolkit was developed specifically to help propane marketers like you grow their businesses by targeting commercial landscape contractors and grounds managers. It contains a collection of facts, market information, and resources including marketer-proven advice on how to get started.The materials in the Resources for Your Team category include curriculum and instructional videos to help train your employees on the professional landscape industry. The materials in the Resources for Mower Dealers and End-Users category are designed for you to use with current and prospective customers and dealers of outdoor power equipment. These materials are available for download or on a flash drive (coming soon!) as digital version.

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1 PDF download, 1 USB, or 1 training manual/pk.
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This toolkit can be used by propane marketers looking to grow their business by targeting commercial landscape contractors.
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Toolkits are a resource for marketers to understand the propane industry and develop outreach campaigns that work.