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GallonGrowers - Residential

A comprehensive kit to help marketers grow business with builders, construction firms, and homeowners.

GallonGrowers Propane Residential Toolkit PDF, Product Code: 4735
Residential Toolkit Flash Drive, Product Code: PRC-009530
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Residential Toolkit Binder, Product Code: PRC-009534
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About this product

This residential kit is an excellent resource for marketers seeking to work with builders, developers and construction firms to make propane an important fuel for every home and business. The toolkit offers a wide variety of marketing collateral -- brochures, case studies, videos, photos, logos, and more -- that can be mixed and matched to create, launch and manage an effective sales campaign. These materials are available for download or on a flash drive.

Product Information

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PDF Download, Toolkit binder, Flash drive
1 PDF download, 1 USB, and 1 training manual/pk
Who is this for: 
This toolkit can be used by propane marketers seeking to work with builders, developers, and construction firms.
What is this for: 
Toolkits are a resource for marketers to understand the propane industry and develop outreach campaigns that work.