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Propane Emergency Outreach

A toolkit and PDF download of materials to conduct a training session for local emergency response personnel at your propane terminal.

Marketer Outreach Toolkit, Product Code: PRC-007200
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Training Kit
Propane Emerg. Facilitor, Product Code: 9044-TR-13

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About this product

The Propane Emergencies Marketer Training Kit is a condensed version of the Propane Emergencies educational curriculum, developed in response to requests from propane marketers and industry personnel for a shorter program for emergency responder training and walkthroughs at their marketing and distribution facilities. The program is specifically targeted to issues of propane behavior and container design and construction that emergency responders need to know. The program does not deal with emergency decision-making, strategies, or tactics, and does not cover live propane training.

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PDF Download, Fulfillment item
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Propane industry, emergency responders
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Planning for propane emergencies training.