Propane Emergencies

This comprehensive training program has been adopted by 27 state firefighter training agencies and propane marketers. It is designed to help emergency responders develop the skills necessary to manage a propane emergency in transportation or at fixed facilities.

The program is intended for firefighters and members of the Hazardous Materials Response Teams. It is also aimed at propane marketers, propane industry product and container specialists, and private or emergency response contractors. Propane Emergencies is based upon commonly used practices, references to nationally recognized engineering practices, regulations, consensus standards, and training programs.

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    Propane Rail Terminal Safety & Your Community

    Use this to help explain the safety and need for rail terminals.

  • Propane Emergencies 3rd Edition

    Training to help emergency responders manage a propane emergency.

  • Propane Emergencies Scenarios

    A series of downloadable training sessions that cover various emergency scenarios.

  • Propane Emergencies Facilitator

    This guide provides lessons plans and materials for trainers on safely managing propane emergencies.

  • Propane Emergency Outreach

    Information & tools you need to conduct training sessions for emergency response personnel.

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