Propane Workforce Training

A well trained propane workforce is essential to protecting the health and well-being of propane customers and your employees. We actively provide materials suitable for classroom training, and provide Certified Employee Training Programs (CETP) e-learning covering essentials like first 90-day hazmat training, bobtail delivery, and vapor distribution. Learn about a new blended learning approach that blends online and classroom education to reduce employee time out of the office while expanding the knowledge they need to do their jobs safely and effectively.

We also provide preventative safety training programs on preventing bobtail rollovers, propane personal safety, and propane autogas, among others. The courses include a mix of videos on DVD, PowerPoint, presentations, booklets, and other materials. The programs offer marketers a level of convenience and low prices that in-person classes can't always provide.

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  • Refresher Training

    NFPA 58 states that “Refresher training shall be provided at least every 3 years.”. 

  • CETP 1.0

    Basic Principles & Practices is the introduction to propane's physical & combustion properties.

  • CETP 2.2

    Bobtail Delivery Operations provides training for drivers who operate commercial motor vehicles to deliver propane.

  • CETP 2.4

    Cylinder Delivery Operations provide information, practices and procedures for delivering propane to customers.

  • CETP 3.1 - 3.5

    Basic Plant Operations provides training for safely and efficiently performing bulk plant operations tasks.

  • CETP 3.6 & 3.7

    Overview of key concepts and strategies for safely loading and unloading railcars and maintaining DOT intermodal tanks. 

  • CETP 4.1

    A training manual for designing a vapor distribution system.

  • CETP 4.2

    This training program focuses primarily on the procedure for placing a vapor distribution system into operation.

  • CETP 4.3

    This training focuses primarily on the safe installation of appliances and interior vapor distribution systems. 

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