Blended Learning


PERC has introduced the blended learning program, which reduces employee time out of the office while expanding the knowledge employees need to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Hear from two marketers how blended learning is working for them.

Marketer Certifies Employees Using Blended Learning

Freeman Gas Employees Embrace Blended Learning

Blended learning is a hybrid approach to training for the propane industry. It combines online training with classroom training, allowing employees time to review the training online prior to attending a review class. This provides students with a solid foundation of the materials before following up with a one-day classroom instruction review of the materials. Thus, the training is a “blend” of online and classroom education. 
This approach allows more time for the instructor to focus on technical concepts, to conduct more hands-on activities, and to provide additional time for review prior to students taking the NPGA CETP Certification Exam. 

In a 2015 pilot project with the Colorado Propane Gas Association, students reviewed Basic Principles and Practices online prior to attending a one-day review class and ALL of the students passed the NPGA CETP Certification exam.

With the success of the pilot program, more states and companies became interested in this new approach and so PERC rolled out the program to the entire industry in the second quarter of 2017.

The cost to access the online training is free. Contact Courtney Gendron, PERC senior program manager for CETP, at to learn about the programs offered and how to set it up.